Contract Admin

How does the contract admin decide when to reset your green dots to grey dots? It seems to be completely random in some cases.

Is there a kind of timer in the background that is resetting the green dots if I don’t land a plane in a certain time? I’ve played a lot yesterday and earned a lot of green dots on my flights but today they are all grey and since you get those XP only for full green dots it seems to be hard to get XP if you take breaks for e.g. working or sleeping. Or am I completely wrong and there is another explanation?

As far as I understand every time you handle the plane for one contract a grey dot becomes green (if handled in time) or red (if delayed). Once all grey dots have become green or red the contract has ended. Depending on how often you handled the plane in time the bar underneath the dots is in the red, yellow, or green. If it was green you can upgrade the contract and get rewards. All dots are then turned grey and you get one extra dot. If the bar is in the yellow you can redo the contract without getting rewards. All dots are turned grey. If the bar is red the contract is cancelled.

sounds reasonable, thx for the hint

Also when you upgrade it adds a flight to the dots. Starts at 1, then 2 and so on up to a max of 10.
Connections between players are automatically set to 10. Events and Random are set to 1.

Rewards are granted for generic planes once you have completed the number of flights needed after handling the final flight.

Rewards are granted for owned planes when it has returned from the last flight, but before handling begins.

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