Contract extensions and termination


I am really enjoying playing with IAD, but now my contracts are full with lots of S CRJs and M Embraer models.

I was wondering about cancelling these, to allow for more profitable aircraft but many of these are established contracts with many plane icons.

I was wondering if the routes ever kind of expire, or run out (I.E. after a certain number of plane icons appear, does the extension no longer occur, and the contract automatically cancel?) please? As if this happens, I would rather wait for this and just not take on any more of these contract types rather than cancelling.

Thank you

No they dont expire…extensions reach upto 10 handlings and the next time you renew its 10 more handlings and so on.
I suggest you cancel those S and Ms at IAD…I play IAD without a single S or M contract except connections and my own planes.

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