Contracts Level UP

Hello everyone,

i got two questions for you.

  1. The displayed demand, is it per plane or is it for all my planes? If demand is 100k freight and i send 3 50k planes, is the last one useless?

  2. If i send 3 planes to one destination, does the contract level up 3 time faster than with a single plane?

Greetings, Salty

Hi Salty!

When choosing a destination, the demand shown is per contract. So if demand is 100k freight, any plane that is at about 100k demand or less will be able to fly the route, and you can send as many planes as you want without penalty. Note that destination may have a limit on number of contracts, so if you send more than that limit, you’ll have to pay GP.

If you send 3 planes to the same city, it creates 3 separate contracts, so no - it will not level up faster.

Cheers! Hope this helps.

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