Crash problems

I state that I play WOA using the latest generation 12.9 ipad, the game is very attractive and I spend a lot of time with it, but from the first connection and after about 30/40 minutes of play it turns off by itself, obviously then I can restart it but by now I have lost everything I was doing before.
do i have to do something to avoid these system shutdowns?
the shutdown happens in whatever airport I am playing and to date I have activated all the airports, san diego included.
any one can help how to avoid the crush down?
thank you

I suggest You buy an android next time

By shutdown do you mean the game locks up & kicks you out or your ipad switches off? If you mean the former all I can tell you is most of us get them & we have to start again. There seems to be no way of escaping it. If it’s the latter can’t help you.

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Thank you you got it the problem, infact I must start again a new section or maybe change ariport, but as got nothing to do with the ipad, ipad still on all the time.

is this your best intelligent answer? do you realy believe that android works better than ios? how old are you?

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It was a joke! Sometimes we have them here :blush:

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