I’m playing on iPhone XS and I played this game a lot, but after last update the game immediately crash after I click on it. Can you please help??

Bonjour! Or hello! Welcome to the forum @Hansoulie!

What update are you on?

Thank you :slight_smile: , my version is 1.1.12.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile: I am not sure what is happening.

Try to log out and log in back to Apple Game Center.

Hey, I also play on the iPhone XS max. This happened to me too. It wasn’t just World of Airports though, many other apps like google chrome and snapchat immediately crashed for me. I updated to the most recent ios, and restarted my iPhone. This seemed to do the trick. It appears as if it isn’t a World of Airports problem, more of an iPhone software problem. Hope this helps!

I’ve heard that there is a memory leak on IOS devices with IOS 13. Perhaps this could be the cause that many apps and games are crashing.

It could be why, It seems more of an Apple problem not a WOA Issue. You should contact Apple or check if someone else has that problem online. I haven’t had any problem since I use a S9. But I mainly type on here with my iPad which has IOS 13, I don’t have any problems with this. Hope it helps!

(I don’t know If I should move to #bug-reports:invalid-bugs.)

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From experience with other games, my iPad is crashing when using games. It is a memory leak on the software currently. I didn’t say it was a WOA issue. WOA is doing very good on my S9 aswell (#s9gang).

Lol, Yeah I looked and many Apple users (Friends, Online) Said that it is a problem where it has a leaked memory or they can’t open games, so I believe it’s a Apple Problem, I cannot 100% approve this since I use android (#s9gang lol.)

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