Departure changing in the new update?

When I played the calming INN airport in the days before the latest update, I always sent the planes to the closest airports like ZRH (Zürich), STR (Stuttgart) etc. While playing my fleet the planes I’ve send first were already done and on the way back and I sent the next to this destination.
This isn’t possible anymore. Has something changed with the update?

I noticed this sending planes from LEJ to PRG recently. They will say “waiting at PRG until (usually more than a couple hours later)”

Do you have a connection with somebody in PRG? As long as the other player doesn’t handle your planes they wait.
The issue last year was, that you had to wait for your planes to arrive at your airport, before you were able to send the next. This has been solved with the LEJ update.

Yes I do have a connection. The other party doesn’t seem to play that often. It was random. May need to use the forum to find connection