Destination Cooldown Rate

Anybody else struggling to send out their fleet of planes with the length only the cool down for the different destinations?

It doesn’t matter which airport I’m trying to send my planes out from, I find that because they all come in together, I’m struggling to send them out without blocking up the limited stands I have available.

Perfect example would be in PRG with only 2 XL and 2 L stands. I own 2 x A380s and a B777 Trying to send them to my connection in IAD means waiting 49 minutes between sending each one. Dont always have time to be waiting to send out the next plane so it can arrive at a sensible time to be handled by my connection.

Any one else finding this?


same problem here. if you’re not playing for a while it takes ages to clear the backlog because all L & XL stands are used. the game is at a level where buying planes just makes it worse so i’m saving money (7+ millions atm)

i’m looking forward to the new features that @shill mentioned in announcements and lay low until then.


I decided not to have a fleet currently, But I see this at my airports with me being backed up with M, L Stands full taking lots of my resorces leaving none for S which they have a shorter timer hitting me hard with the rewards. Before I expanded to L planes I had 50% Reward now 25-30% Just from S planes. Any ideas as well?

I have the same issue of not having enough resources for INN as @AviaWilliam. Even though I have the max number of each ‘team’ I struggle to handle them in time to keep the 50% reward.

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I have Bari, About to have PRG in maybe 5 minutes.

Do you use the ‘rush’ button and still fall below the 50% mark ?

I normally take my time every morning to go through the various airports, and see to that as many of my planes are ready to depart. Then as you say, the timer can be 49 minutes, but since I have a lot of planes ready, I just need to quickly jump into each airport to depart a new wave after that time has passed - just don’t get caught up with taking planes down, just a quick in and send away - a few seconds. In a day I will see them all depart.

From what the other person sends to me, I rely (foolishly!) on the messages the phone gives on departures and arrivals. The messages don’t really work all that well, but by keeping both departures and arrivals of my contacts, I managed to handle quite a few a day.

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All true I just think there should be something that reduce cooling down time when you get to x number of aircraft so has you grow bigger time gets less,or time should be no more than 5 minutes maybe one big money airport has a 10 minute cool down. has I now take all day at PRG to clear aircraft and it’s getting to a point I may give up on the game has it’s become unplayable