Destination scroll bar improvement

Would it be possible to make this tiny little scrollbar at the bottom of the departures menu a bit thicker so that my fat and clumsy fingers could use it more often?

The more destinations we get the more important this feature becomes but it works right now only at every 2nd hit because of my fat and clumsy fingers.



I could recommend some good diets for you :joy:

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Maybe showing all destinations at once?

You mean like an overlaying window?
Would be nice.

A detail how many slots still available for each destination will be nice without the need to go back to main menu

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  1. we could search the destination.
  2. I mean to show all the unlocked destinations in one column and locked destination in other column in the other row.
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Ah, okay, thanks :+1:

Searching for destination would be to much work, me personally half the destinations I never even heard of and would struggle trying to think of where to send a plane to, I’m sure there are other players out there that would feel the same


Another improvement required is the airports available list should have a search option and country filter . Currently , it takes ages to go through the entire list

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if the scrollbar would be thicker you could scroll easily to the destination you want to go to. after a while where in the bar each destination is hidden although they’re changing often (e.g. the american airports at IAD)


I would be happy to get a dedicated button which brings you to the start of the destinations list & another button to bring you to the end of the list.


I would like to renew this suggestion and add to this to include all scrollbars in WOA. Swiping through lists or tapping to find the scrollbar really eats up time.


Yeah, this scroll bar is hella annoying! at least don’t include all airports, the locked ones or keep the bar at the used end. WOW