Devs… it’s time for a change. Remodeled

My daily rant. In the real world there are estimated 2k b777, 900 b787, 500 a350 all of these planes have not been remodeled and look like junk. There are 4 AN 22 in service and the plane looks beautiful and smooth in game. I understand what the devs are doing and really really appreciate them and this game but come on now! Please please please remodel these popular real world aircraft. Ps. The 767 and a321 are also very popular. I think most people would play the game more if the planes were “remodeled”. It kind of seems like game is half built. Some planes pretty some not.

While I agree with you that a lot of models that are currently in the game don’t look too good, it’s important to remember that the game only reached a fraction of its goal during the Indiegogo campaign and had to deviate heavily from its original formular to even be released. After the release, it was likely more important to add onto the game before remodeling it which is currently being done. It was likely also important to first get some more money to even be able to afford to do that. It’s jarring, yes, but that’s also because at one point new aircraft were released as an advanced model.

My guess is that the developers are trying to find a mix between releasing new content and remodeling planes. Just look at how many liveries the A320 has and imagine how long it’s gonna take to redo all that. The 747 and the 777 advanced models have already been teased so they’ll be coming in the near future.

Also, I doubt that that many people who don’t play the game very much are doing so because of that. Looking at the Google Play reviews, it’s rather because it can be very slow to get off the ground and be repetitive. I would also object to calling the game “half built” because the graphics don’t match up.

If I had the choice between adding new aircrafts like B767, A220, MD11,… or remodelling existing planes I would always prefer new aircrafts.
Before the first remodelling took place there were no, or at least only seldom complaints about the look of the planes!


Honestly they’ve left the biggest ones until last and frankly I don’t blame them as it’s only a small dev team. So they have to prioritize what they can do. Sure they could remodel all the planes but then no new features or new aircraft.
To what I know, a remodel means a complete start from scratch on both the template AND the livery, which means it’s starting over on every single plane of the type in the game. With the 350 and others already having so many options. It’s going to take a long time to do that as they take hours per plane to do.
So they’ve fixed the easier ones and they have committed to the 777 and 747 during this year. Most likely at least one next quarter. This is while they add new content, fix bugs and new aircraft.

The other aircraft will come. I know I really want the 220 and 321 personally. But I can wait.
There’s still so much to be done. On the 737, we don’t have the 500,600,900,900ER, MAX7,MAX9 or MAX10 yet.
The aforementioned 321, is another. E2 from Embrarer, other CRJ’s, one day I would love to see a shorts 360 in the game, but that’s just me.
For the 747, 100,200, SP, 300 and 400
The 757 still needs the -300

It’s an epic amount to do on that side before you even think about IL’s, and others…

We just have to be patient and wait it out. It will all come, but remember this is technically a free game, having a roadmap and not delivering everything in one go is key to keeping people interested and spending money on new content as it arrives…

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Well said. Thanks for the response

Don’t forget the 737 200 and 300

Also missing are any jets with three engines: B727, Dc10, L1011, MD11, Tu154, Yak40, Yak42, HS-121 Trident,…

More planes with turboprop engine.

Yea but they’ll eventually add them

I wonder why you deleted your post. It was well said.

I noticed original post was pretty old, figured it was a bit late to respond to it.