Différence écoulement de temps

Je me demandais pourquoi il y avait une différence dans l’écoulement de temps entre les 2 pendules ?
Ce qui est particulièrement significatif avec les avions X.
Bonne journée à vous

The top one is the handling time for the bonus towards ranking up. The bottom is the fueling time remaining.

Not what he Is asking

The bug is that the fuel is slower than the bonus time for a unknown reason, it’s a bug that is yet to be fixed

So, the fuel time is less than the bonus time, yet it is considered a bug?

Because it goes slower, the bonus time eventually becomes less than the fuel
It’s not a bug that it’s shorter, that’s intentional, can’t get the bonus if it’s longer

Ce n’est pas ce que je voulais dire, je me suis mal exprimé…
La pendule de l’avion avance beaucoup plus vite que celle du carburant, des passagers etc… donc nous sommes perdants.
Et j’ai un certain nombre d’avions X qui partent dans le rouge.

Yeah again that’s a bug, if needed I can start translating these messages into French

As I have noticed and stated a few times, for airports such as MCT, that when you assign the aircraft to a stand with jetbridges, it cuts the time for everything into half* (except for Stairs/Boarding/Deboarding). Because the times have been cut into half, the ‘visual’ times will seem to run slower than the handling timer but in reality, it is actually running at the same rate as the original shown time (when looking at the aircraft from ‘arrivals’). So really, it is actually normal internally, but it is just the visual that seems like it is slower. I have timed it myself. Therefore this leaves the question as to why the devs don’t put level 6 fuel trucks for MCT.

To answer what is happening above (and it happened to me) the fuel initially was calculated to go over the bonus time in the first place (if you look at the aircraft’s needs when it comes up on the ‘landings’ section

*For some airports it is half and for others it is around a 30% ‘cut’.