Different Engine Options per Airline/Player

Different Engine Options on Airliners like, A319,320,321-210s (CFM56)
A319,320,321-230s (IAE V2500)
A330-203,303 (GE CF6)
A330-223,323 (PW 4000)
A330-243,343 (RR Trent 700)
And more
But for that you need to Look Harder in the Variant

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B752 = PW2037, PW2040, RB211-535E4B, RB211-535E4
B773 = GE90-115B, PW4090, PW4098, RB211-Trent 884-17, RB211-Trent 884B-17, RB211-Trent 892-17
B787 = GEnx-1B, Trent 1000

Have you got more

From Boeing family yes.
B734 = CFM56-3B2, CFM56-3C
Other B planes are not in game yet. (B707, 717, 727, 744, 767, 772)
B737NG (CFM56-7) and B748 (GEnx-2B) have only one type of engine.