Discount event

How long the discount Will be in game for the a350?

Theres a discount for the A350?
Edit: just saw it. Probably a 1 to 3 days i think

Anniversary is today. So its one day event like many other events so far.


Last time it was for 24hrs. I think it won’t be longer… Just noticed almost all of my A350s must go on maintenance now. @shill can you please stop this event? I can’t play now for the whole event because all of my A350s need to go in maintenance… It is on all airports :smiley:

I can not stop event - I do not have access to game database. I can only forward it to those who can.

I am sorry, that was what I mean… You are the only one I know who is helping everyone all the time that’s why I mentioned you.

They made some DB changes should be ok after game restart (game client must be closed and re-opened).

I just closed the game and made a restart but it didn’t changed… I have sent out my fleet for now anyway, maybe it takes a little longer until the changes are online.
Anyway thanks for your help!

Still full price so doesn’t look it happening

I saw the discount, and occasionally my phone got lost internet signal. After game restart discount dissappeared. :frowning:

I am not getting the discount, still full price

I am not seeing any discount either. Restarted game and all.

Beware of game crash if you did not restarted the game and want to buy a350.

I do not see any discount on plane purchase. A little communication from devs would be nice as I don’t want to miss out on this event! @shill

I have been flying the 777 until now. Does the 350 have other, unique, destinations because of the longer range? Or are they the same as the 777?

Same destinations :slight_smile:

Thanks, thought so. No use then to take up the discount offer.

Well it is kinda boring to fly same type of plane everywhere

Not when you have 50+ of them :blush: .

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Is event canceled. Is cant see IT anymore? @shill