Disregard -------- V1.5.4 Details Wrong on Feedback Page

According to the WOA Community Feedback site, version 1.5.4 was “just released” with NINE new airports and multilingual support. But the IOS App Store shows I have version 1.5.5 and it was updated seven months ago. Surely this is some kind of mistake on the Feedback website. Really does feel too good to be true.

I’m not sure how reliable the Feedback site really is at this point.

Community Feedback - Launched

It’s because 1.5.5 was a quick bug fix I believe.

I understand. What I’m saying is that page shows 9 new airports as a part of the release, which is obviously false. It feels like someone not authorized to edit that page made changes somehow just to mess with people.

The 9 new airports are destinations NOT PLAYABLE


I’m an idiot! Thank you for the clarification.

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Whilst I’m looking forwards to the new update and all the new features it will bring, your post does make me think - I’d be looking forwards to an update even more if it had nine new airports (along with the new aircraft and airlines) than I am this one.

I’m probably someone who doesn’t like ‘change’ too much. I like it as it is, and part of me wishes it had that same format but on a grander scale, rather than just small growth (1 new airport) and lots of new features!

Airports take a lot to develop, typically a new airport takes 6 months, the only reason this update is taking a year is because of a full rewrite of the game code
So if you want 9 airports, expect a 4 and a half year wait time for updates…


Yes, I’m well aware of all that - the comment was a tongue in cheek response to the OP!

you are right brother

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