Does anyone know who this is?

Dose anyone anyone know who FrouFrouWeirdo372 is?

I got something like that but with a different name. I hadn’t even thought about doing a player connection, yet it was there. It was player ######## (I can’t remember the number)

This guy literally requested each and every connection in the game with me without even informing me. Even if I rejected all the requests he kept trying for 3-4days…
After that I started ignoring him. Now he caught you I guess.

I hate the people who do this :unamused:

I posted this some time ago. I still like this option to have.

“Connection” feature need be revised. Especially if for example I don’t want to play with connection.

I want to know how he even found me. That was the only connection he requested with me, I am going to leave it unnaccepted sitting there to see what he does

If you plane comes into my airport of course I am going to write your name down and reach out. More often I am going to thank you for landing and invite you back. What’s wrong with that?

I agree with @YYCOperator here, most people aren’t on the forums & it’s a good way to get connections, especially for those who are just starting. I don’t have an issue if someone finds me this way & if I can help I won’t turn anyone down.

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Quick flick through this thread, and I have to say I agree with what @YYCOperator and @pilster are saying. Another thing that has to be pointed out is that anybody can view the forum and get our available connections, along with our usernames, I myself used to look through the forum before I finally joined in May 2020.

Getting connections from users you aren’t familiar with adds variety and interest to the game, and it opens options for future connections at other airports. At the end of the day, we are all players wanting Silver Planes and interacting with fellow players. It’s very rare to have a game where both players benefit and not just one, something WoA have nailed with the community and connections.


I never get any connection requests but i sign myself into the que and somebody’s username slides right in there. The connection i want to play from always flips back to INN automagically whenever logging out of my Airports.

There is also a system issue resetting ratio and taking away my landed planes in the Airport@NGO today. I earned all my slots and don’t like it taking a connection Airport out of Unlocked. It did this three times ticking me off.

Im done.