Early Nov? Disappointed

Is there any idea for the update needed all elements who wanted launch together at once?
And finally needed finetune to delay again and again?
As the player, felt extremely disappointed.
As the Devs, felt a extremely pressure to meet the deadline…

Anyway, thanks for the Devs effort…


lol as player just wait and enjoy what we have at hand.
Only investor with real cash can be disappointed.


Everything has been completed, but my understanding is that they want to make further updates to the Tower Agent before release. At least that’s what I have been told.
I get it’s frustrating having to wait longer, but it will come.


I think it will be a Christmas present :gift::christmas_tree:

I love how the first words in the title are Early Nov and now were out of November completely :sweat_smile:. But anyways I feel like were very close, and I am expecting a December 1-3 release for tower, and December 20-26 for lhr.

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