Earning Airport keys

I’m not seeing any achievements that offer airport unlock keys in Prague. Should I be using wollars to unlock airports now ?

To unlock next player’s airport (i.e. IAD - Washington) you just need to handle certain quantity of passengers in previous airport (i.e. PRG - Prague). Golden keys only help to open new destinations in your current airport. You can also open new destinations by spending Wollars if you need. However new contracts system is expected to be introduced soon.

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Golden keys have been removed from the game because there’s there’s system that was ment to come out in 1.5.0 that has been delayed for 1.5
2/1.51 that os the contracts with was meant to replace the golden keys and add realisem into the game. Hope this helps


Thank you

I thought they were still there but just not obtainable anymore

They will be for a short time yes