Easy to use income per aircraft type, sorted different ranges

This is a WIP (Work in Progress)
The WIP will be updated in the next few days / weeks.

The current WIP shows player aircraft stationed at IAD. I have calculated the approximate fuel cost per NM per aircraft I own (still WIP, average fuel cost is visible in the 2nd screenshot)

Furthermore the average income is displayed for different lengths of routes. Keep in mind, no player connection is taken into consideration for this overview due to slightly higher income compared to regular routes.

Since this overview requires the fuel burn and income of specific aircraft, only the aircraft I own have been calculated. New types are added regularly to my fleet. When this occurs, the aircraft will be added to this sheet.
S-type aircraft will be added to this list in the upcoming day

Profits shown are the profits after a full life cycle, minus all costs (purchase, fuel, maintenance)
I hope this helps you in deciding which aircraft you are willing to purchase next :slight_smile:


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Most funny, that every pax plane have own W income per passengers.
AT76 0,101
CRJ7 0,091
DH8D 0,072
B462 0,101
B734 0,099

Yeah that is correct, however it doesnt affect it to much, since you as well need to keep in mind that you pay for fuel and maintenance.
Also one of the realisations I just have done, is that the A380, A350 and B777 for example is like not profitable at all, unless you only fly it on short routes haha :smiley:

Hi, lovely numbers. Any plans on updating it?