Eindhoven (EIN) and Maastricht (MST) as destination

While most European countries already have two or more destinations, the densily populated country of the Netherlands is still left with one destination: Amsterdam. I’d like to plea for Eindhoven to be added as a second destination.

From the currently playable airlines, Eindhoven could feature the following airlines serving INN, BRI & PRG:

  • Transavia
  • Wizz Air
  • Ryanair
  • TUI
    These three airlines have a base at Eindhoven Airport in real life. Maybe KLM could be added as a choice.
    Furthermore, Eindhoven is the Netherlands’ main military base. The Dutch Air Force uses Hercules aircraft. So together with Eindhoven Airport, the RNLAF livery for Hercules could be added and EIN could be a freight destination.

Though my main plea would be for EIN, I’d like to draw the attention also to Maastricht (MST). Especially because it is a freighter airport that can handle widebodies and serves worldwide destinations with major airlines such as Emirates, Turkish and Qatar. So MST could be added as a freighter destination for all playable airports. Additionally, it could be a passenger destination, as it is served by Ryanair. A second airline that could be added, is Corendon Dutch Airlines, which has a base at MST. If that airline would be added, it could also be added to AMS and EIN.

I’d love to hear what y’all think and hopefully some, or all, of my ideas could come under consideration! One thing is for sure: the Netherlands needs more destinations!


And it’s the home base for the new A330 MRTT, the new joint operated tanker/transport plane.

EIN can also be served by existing military destinations as Brize Norton, Lyneham, Ramstein, Norfolk, Little Rock, just to name a few.

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Yeah that would be if it would become a playable airport. My pledge is for EIN to become a destination for PRG, BRI and INN. But of course, I wouldn’t be against making it playable also.

When the A330(F) is launched, they could indeed include the MRTT’s from EIN.

True. Once in a while I subtly hint to the devs… :wink:

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Yea once a year the European Air Refueling Training takes place there

Its also the base of the Dutch C-130s and the last KDC-10 (Retiring soon) and the Gulfstream there the V-11

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Mildenhall, Istres, Wunstorf, Cologne Bonn,