Empty gates

Hello people good night!

I am using the google translator! I am Brazilian

I really enjoyed the game, it’s a lot of fun and has taken many hours of my day haha! However, I’ve been doing some analysis, and I’ve noticed that the game is still constantly being updated.

But there are some that are annoying. Mainly, when we acquire a lot of shelves, I see approximately only 1/4 filled, while the landing and take-off lines are super crowded to the point of being a little annoying.

Perhaps the solution to this would be to increase the time of the plane at the gate,

for example: an M-class plane takes the time of an L-class plane, and an S-class plane takes the time of an M-class plane.

And of course, increase Wdollar earnings considerably. I believe that if the game followed this line, it would be much nicer, to see the gates full than the lines of landings and takeoffs.

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I beleive it has been remarked that they won’t make any changes for this, so I doubt it will happen, though you have caught my interest