End of season 3 - 1.30.5 Discussion

It seems season 3 has been going on for what feels like an eternity, and in all honesty it’s getting a little repetitive at this point. I’m just wondering when the season will change to 4? As it seems Season 3 is getting extended again with the next update.


Yes! I wish the new season will come with next update. I need new challenge as I am done with all airports now.

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Exactly, we are spending more times on the extended levels, and they just keep getting extended further.

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What are seasons?

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When the levels reset.

Oooo!!! They will reset?
Thats a shame. I was glade they arent going backwards when I go into red in the time handling aircrafts. :frowning:

I’m not to sure, I don’t think so. It just feels as if this season has dragged on and on.


I fear that the dragging will go on:

It’s the first update of the year, makes sense for a new season to start. I don’t get why this season has been extended as far as it has.

I personally believe that the new season will start once the A319 livery competition concludes. Last time, when the B787 livery competition concluded, we moved from season 2 to season 3, so perhaps the same pattern will follow.

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Quite possibly, but when is the livery competition due to end?

They announced the winner of December on January 3rd, so I am guessing the next couple of days to be consistent

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Oh no! I have to get the 2 goldies at INN as fast as possible.

I think they will add this much only because they are not adding more.

I just had this question… are season resets the same as airport resets?

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Season resets are just the tier/level reset, not a whole airport reset.

The update is finally released. Season 3 is still running with an additional level.


They just added 1 level so the max level is now 17(for INN, idk about the other airports) with Czech Air Force A319 arrival as a reward.