Endless loading screen

When I start the game i’m allways stuck on the loading screen. I’ve tried restarting my phone and reinstaling the game but it didn’t helped me. I have iPhone 6s with the newest iOS.

Problem solved. I disconected from game center and then conected back.

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Good to hear - maybe that will help others as well. Thanks.

I see you have tried dorce restarting your iPhone and updating it to the latest version. Actually, you could also reinstall the game to see if it performs well after that. And there is still one thing you could do about your iPhone is to restore your iPhone without data loss. If the game still stuck on loading screen of your iPhone, then you may have to contact the game official center for help.

Now that you found that restarting your iPhone and reintalling the game app were not useful. There is another effetive iOS system recovery tool you can try to restore your iPhone before resorting to the Game Support Center.