Entire control of our aircrafts

We can already control our aircrafts but only for landings. If something like a full landing and takeoff could have been added. It means we can land our aircraft, taxi it to the gate(arrows will be given to the gate), when it reaches the gate we can go back to our towers and control our and other aircrafts. Then after the handling is finished, we can either just do marshaling of our plane or sit on/in(when inside cameras installed) the aircraft. Have the full experience of pushback, taxi to runway(arrows to the runway) and again take off. This could make like a full flight but on ground.

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again line the game airline commander…

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how do you know I play airline commander? but it would be nice to add it.

What about all the other planes at the gates? If we can taxi the plane to the gate (which can take a long time), aircrafts may need to be handled and we may end up losing potential income and those things for tiers. And yes, it is practically like Airline Commander.

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Well that could be a point but if there was a kind of pause/resume and only our aircraft will move .

What about other (generic) aircrafts taxiing too?

Yes like a bot controlling while we are handling our planes. Is that a good idea?

This game is airport management and handling, not a flight simulator.


Well, there is a landing minigame, but I appreciate that.

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