Etihad A350?

On the FB story, “ready for new livery” with a pic of Etihad A350. Would that suggest that they are adding A350 of Etihad?

Something tells me an A350 remodel isn’t far off, especially if they have hinted at future livery for it.


After the Airbus updates, maybe the A350 is next! Or the A320!

We still need A321 tho D:

i think the order is going to go.
Cargo Aircraft for LEJ - Ones listed on the feedback page + Cargo 752 (not listed)
Round out of A300 options
B777 advanced (already admitted to)

From there, I think we will go A350 and A321. I know the A350 is a tough one because of the number of liveries already in the game for that one that have to be completely re-done, so I am not surprised that has fallen down the pecking order a bit. I know the devs are nervous about the work on that one, at least they were when i talked about it, that was however a while ago now and with the speed liveries are being turned now, might not be quite so much of an issue. The 350 would also need to get split into the 900 and 1000. The 321 is curious, do they just go ceo/neo like the 319, or do they add in the LR and XLR too, given that’s technically how it is being sold right now for Transatlantic stuff in particular.

From there, I would hope the 747 re-do would be completed as well, to allow for the 100, 200 and 300,400 and in my panacea world the iconic looking SP.

After that, then we have to look at the whole 737 list. (Maxes) 737-200,300,400,500,600,700,900,900ER, that’s a monster to do, however you look at it.

Then we have the 220, the E2’s for Embrarer, CRJ200, 900 and 1000 could be added too.

A bit of a long answer to a shortish question, but the number of liveries and combinations here are mind-boggling to add to the game if you think through even a basic list and there is already a big list out there for them to go after.


Seems like they are on the move, many questions and headaches to solve it seems.
When you are adding the B777, does that mean splitting up into B777-200ER and B777-300ER? On the feedback page pics of BA B777-200 and Asiana B777-200 and the Austrian B777 in the game is by my understanding in real life a B777-200 they use for Asia routes and some US flights from Vienna (VIE).

For the game would be lifted up to new standards and level with getting the B777-300ER that are widely used among the Asian carriers. and also diversify with the B777-200 that many use such as mentioned.

It is thrilling to read that A350 and the A321 is next in line. Even though it sounds awful with all the redoing of the job with the liveries.

to be clear, that is a thought on the A350 and A321, not a fact. I do not know the roadmap, but I know many have asked about the A321 and the A350 is the major missing piece on updated aircraft outside of the 747 and 777 (777 is already in the works), hence why I think it will be next to do and especially with the comment about the new livery. While the Devs can throw random liveries in here and there for other airlines, it would make sense to do that after you have completed the update.

I’m pretty sure being a Europe-based company, after the 777, they will do remodeled A319, A320, and A350 if they haven’t already. They will also probably add A321 before any other Boeing aircraft.

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Remodeled a319? What?
Wasn’t that like the second advanced aircraft

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Etihad will brush the dust off its A350´s now and start off to Paris, Middle East and the region around Abu Dhabi. Maybe the developers will update in that time to show their new A350´s they have been working on? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :nerd_face:

Surely A350 will be updated in future. Now its time for 777.

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