Feature: prioritising landing or takeoffs

In the current form as far as i noticed when you have a giant takeoff and landing queue, it defaults to more or less one takeoff then one landing and repeat. This can be quite inneficient if youre blocking taxyways with takeoff queues.
The idea is a simple switch like the hold landings button which would have three states:
Prioritise takeoffs(clears takeoff queue before starting landings)
Prioritise landings(reversed)
And default(current system)


I would prioritize landings and restart my game once in a while to despawn the queue.

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It would be nice if the game would automatically let connection planes land first. It would reduce a heck of a lot of stress.


You can sort of do this to some extent. If you need to clear the landing queue, hold your departures at the gates for a while, allows them all to land, then start releasing them.
For the departures clever use of the hold arrivals button can get it done but it takes a while.
Worst case scenario. Just forget to run the game, destroys your bonus % but sure does clear out the landing queue for you

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I’ll try that

Another way is just bulking a bunch of landings quickly by using the accelerator so much that it takes around 10 mins for it to spawn another plane. In the down time just service all of the planes quickly and then get a giant takeoff queue(optionally restarr game to desteoy the queue). Without using sped up landings it usually stabilises at around 9 planes in total, at which point i usually repeat the cycle.


Also try delaying the landing off S size planes or even better land all of them immediatelly since they use little runway space amd thus exit quickly, and then move on to the larger planes

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Back to the original idea;
I would support a button that “favors landing” and one that “favors take-offs”. Especially for small airports like INN.
I know a lot of us use the “exit to main menu” option. But it would be nice if we could avoid it.


Defenitly agree with this, it would be such a handy feature

I think would be more interesting if we have a button to hide/show the planes that need be handled.

And, for me, hold planes that is ready to takeoff is bulllshit. Looks like you are cheating.

After you stablished you airport with the big slots (x and L) no one want handle the smalls slots. Because is not so much proficiente as a big slots.

The solution is simple. Dont buy to much small slots. After 2 resets in PGR and IAD i understand this
In.my firrts time i bought all slots in IAD and saw my X slots empty because the cicle of S and M is faster
So the landing queue is fill up by S and M planes. Because every time i have a lot of slots available
Now I have just 4 S and 4M slots. And my X slots is always full. I even didn’t buy the others terminals
The same happened in PGR

We need think in our airport before start buy all slots avaliables.

And almost every idea that someone give to this game is to become the game easy. Like “automatic handle button”. bullshit. You will just watch the game playing. Like a idle game.

The idea of favor landing or takeoff is very good. Because is about control the traffic in your airport. And this game is about you control your airport and not how watch your airport.

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Not buying slots or terminals for this purpose is for me the same cheating as filling up the slots.


I also like this feature trying to add it to the feed back site