Features I would love to see in WoA

Firstly Airports:
MEX: Could give a possible connection to a South American airport, large airport, could connect with US airports
YVR: US links, Canadian airport, gives a possibility for de-icing as a handling feature
BKK?: Major airport, opens up a connection with Nagoya
VIA: Not a major airport by any means but it is my home country airport so couldn’t keep it out…

Events:(Suggestion) New Event:"Visit from NASA"

Governmental visits: once you reach a certain amount of planes handled an important person from the government could come to visit the airport giving the airport a boost in some way.

More livery templates: just more templates to create our livery.

Volume bar (5 notches)
Graphics bar (low, medium, high, ultra)


Custom Airport: Custom airport?

Airport Visualization: a tool to help you visualize how you want to manage your airport

Techestro’s “in airport services”: Inside The Airport Features: Shops & Lounges & more!

Ease of access:
Quick airport access: Hop from airport to airport without exiting to the main menu pause menu

Functioning pause menu: Properly functioning pause menu

and more stuff which I can’t think of… My expectations (relying on the somewhat of a failure at the crowd-funding campaign) is 5 years? maybe?