Few questions

Dear Airport colleagues,

have some questions.

Why is for example in Washington only one Landing :flight_arrival: ?
->> too much time between landings for getting this airport full of planes. It’s boring.

Why are the XP/Money Counters doesn’t counting every XP? Sometimes the game don’t count every XP or Money.

Why are there no descriptions about airports with how many landings and parking slots to compare with other airports ingame? An overview would be great for each airport.

Why we gamer cant close an airport to move all planes to another airport?

Glad to hear from you.


IAD have 4 runways in real life and only 2 runways operational in game, that is somewhat frustrating and if there are 4 runways in total I assume there will be 2 instead of 1 for landing.

In many airports with two runways, even they can operate independently according to ICAO/FAA standard, the airport operate the two in a group, that is, one for landing only, and subsequently one for take-off only.

In short, this make sense in real airport operation. This was also a thing in MCT but now some airplanes take off from the landing runway, which some players complained about.

I am not totally sure what you are asking. Are you asking about you don’t receive XP and money when pushback the airplane? You will receive the money once the passenger is fully boarded and you have to wait for a while to pushback the airplane, and when the contract is not at level 1, you have to complete a specific amount of handling for XP and sliver planes.

If you believe you have encountered a bug just report this to the bug section on this forum.

I know there is a wiki on this forum but it is somewhat outdated, total apron numbers for some airports are available.

But I think it would be a good idea if devs can put that in the game.

This has been teased by devs in the feedback panel. However, we are unsure when we can finally transfer planes between airports with a small charge, as per described by devs.


Thank you very much for your answers! :blush::+1:t2:

That helps me :slight_smile:

Do you have a link about devs plans for close an airport?

A lot of this was down to design of the model, complexity of the coding and size in relation to the game itself, at the time of release IAD was tough on many devices and some of that still exists today even though it might be lessened. I don’t know if the devs are ever going to re-do IAD, but I’ve not heard any plans to do so at this time.

This is a lack of understanding of the game mechanics.

  1. Generic aircraft - when you create a contract you start with 1 handling and you get XP and Silver planes. If you agree to upgrade the contract you then need to do 2 handlings and you get the XP and Silver planes. Then 3,4,5 and so on until a max of 10, when you reach 10 you can decide to extend for a further 10. You can cancel at any point if you no longer wish to do that contract.
  2. Own aircraft - same theory as generic, however you get the XP and Silver planes after it returns from the final trip of each level.
  3. Specific Player connections - always 10 handlings before you get XP and Silver planes. Your partner aircraft are treated like generics for the purposes of the exercise
  4. Event aircraft and random player - one off, you get xp and silver planes once handled

This is a fair point, as noted above the Wikis are out of date and I am going to be working on updating them (INN and BRI are pretty much done) but unfortunately personal time is limited right now to do all the research and update the information for the ones that have not been started. Most definitely on my radar so to speak.

This feature has been discussed a lot and is definitely on the radar of the devs, 2.0 took priority and some of the work needed after that release. It will happen just not sure when.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your detailed answers.

With this i can continue to play.


About the XP/Money:
Sometimes I see XP jumping up, but they are not counted. Felt only every second.

I should say, as I forgot. That the money is counted on every trip regardless of which type of aircraft it is. It’s only XP and Silver planes that count after the required number of trips