Fleet size missing

Seems like stats are not important anymore.

First the number of served passengers got hidden in a sub menu now the fleet size got missing with the last update. Can we please get back a number of owned aircraft of a type?

It could be e.g. in this area marked red. Thx.



I agree, I want them both back.

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It feels like the devs are adding something that we will enjoy it, but they make it terrible

Devs have created a great game, but shouldn’t there be a poll done when they are launching a controversial new update. Here you have a active community of players who are here to discuss what they are playing. Shouldn’t they be asking us active users what we want versus what they will spare for us.

I agree they might have great idea and it might look great in their head. But ultimately it is us who are playing this game not them

Yes, this is really very annoying!

This is getting added in 1.30.9 it appears!

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Added and confirmed it is working



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