Fleet Sort Order Suggestion

Hi Everyone,

As we get larger fleets, work on hyper growth (farming), or play the game as a leisure activity, our fleets grow. To manage fleet utilization, I would like to propose a sort order to the dev team (via @carlsberg72, of course).

I would propose sort by:

  1. Arrival Time: Soonest/Latest (now it is mixed)
  2. Tail Number: First/Last (now it is mixed)
  3. Total NM (now it is mixed)

I propose Total NM since you will get Sort by Maintenance by Total NM.

See example:


this may or may not have been shared with the devs… :)…


I probaly don’t mind to have in this menu info about how much aircraft earn money.
Because go to hangar to get this information and then come back to airport.

Thanks. That’s one way to do it. When you have 20+ planes (or 50 or 100), going back and forth takes you out of the game play, doesn’t it?

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