For admin server provide tools of airplane livery to change or give named on livery of gamer name & player can change gamer name on this application

Hi Admin please provide tools about changing n giving livery name on airplane’s livery name n to change profile gamer name freely… Check all gamers account or profile maybe we getting hack when we playing this game every day in automatically connected… thank you for your time and attention…

Not sure what you are talking about.

If it’s userNames on planes, that will be a feature down the road. As for the rest of it. I’ve not seen any large scale hacking of the game. So I don’t see an issue there unless I am not understanding which is likely

Your not alone, I have no clue what he’s saying

I think the players is saying that in the fleet section some planes have your google play account name on the side already for when you buy it.

I am assuming that he got hacked and he is 7-10 years old.

I reckon this player wants to choose names to put on the side of the planes as well.

That would be nice; individual airline names.

My player name is on my S planes so he is not incorrect or hacked. Bigger jets don’t got nada on them but color.

Player Accounts should have $account_holder name listed and a second box entry space $account_airline_name or system suggest a name not being used by someone else and plane swatches already loaded on the side screen.

Any screenshot?

This forums mail doesn’t attach to gallery to send a picture.