Forgotten liveries

Looking at the development page, multiple liveries are still in “will take more time” section, these liveries were there for almost 6 months, some are ever older (except yemenia).
Why are those liveries still not in game?

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I believe they were put on hold due to focus on new variants and advance models. I also noticed from the games trailer that a Hainan A340 was supposed to be added, is there any chance we will ever get to see it?

Most likely after the A340 is updated

Can I get a link to the video? I am lazy :sleeping:

Just search world of airports trailer, should be one of the first things that pop up. It only shows the landing card, but it’s there. Other examples include the Boeing livery 737 and the Embrear liveried E-190.

Hey I jiat looked at the trailer five times, cannot find the Hainan A340, are you sure it wasn’t a custom livery?

Sorry, I got confused. It’s actually on the Prague Airport website, here’s a screenshot from the video!

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Let’s clarify,

Take more time is a parking lot of ideas that are closer in the timeline than the other website pages.

Doesn’t mean they will actually make it any time soon.
A lot of the delay has been due to the release of MCT (huge amount of work) , new aircraft types (large amount of work) and updates to existing ones.
As I say elsewhere they will likely come in time just got to be patient. Only the devs know the real timeline

No problem, can happen. Thanks for the screenshot, did you noticed that you would get less money for handling the aircraft? Significantly less.