Game doesn't open

Hello, I bought a new phone (Xiaomi mi note 10 lite, with Android 10 and miui 11) and now I can’t open the game (I had an Xiaomi mi max 2 with Android 10 and miui 11 and I could play the game in that phone). An error appears saying “Unable to install the world of Airports app. Try again and if that doesn’t help, see common ways to solve the problem.” Dispite this error the game gets installed but doesn’t gets past the loading screen, it shows the logos at the begining, then the loading screen appears the bar moves to the end and freezes I can hear the music but the game doesn’t load. I’ve reinstalled the app many times and I have also formatted the phone. What can I do?
Sorry for any English mistakes.
Thanks in advance.

Bonjour! Or hello! I have this problem on my old phone before I transferred the data. I uninstalled the app and force stopped it. It’s probably a bug with the new update on Samsung. My device is the S9 so it is probably unknown to Samsung Devs. I say wait it out until they fix/publicly announce a solution. Also welcome!

My phone is a xiaomi, I know the model is similar.

Indeed they are. I’ve transferred and I reopened on my new S9. Ain’t working, have you recently transferred Data or is this brand new and fresh out the box?

The phone is completely new

Okay, I may be wrong but it probably is a Samsung Issue. Email the Samsung customer support to inform them or wait it out. Other games besides WoA work fine even after data transfer. My iPad WoA is fine and that was updates to IPadOS 13 which has had some trouble in the past.

Its not a Samsung its a xiaomi

Oh, my mistake It does run android. Contact google since Google made android.

Its solved after this update. Thanks for your help anyway

No problem!