Game not opening

Hi my game when I try to open the loading bar stops moving I can hear the music but it’s suck on the loading screen,

Already tried clear data, reinstall, clear Google services and play data and nothing make the game pass the loading screen.

I’m using Android 10 Redmi Note 8t


I had to solve the same problem, but I had the luck that the game was running again after clearing the Google Play cache. The only advice I could give is to log out from the Google Play Service and log back in again.
If the phone is the problem I can’t tell. The game is running smoother (especially IAD and NGO) on my old OnePlus 5T than my newer Huawai P30 Pro.
Maybe you should post this problem on the Facebook/Instagram profile of World of Airports.
Good luck!

Just tried cleaning everything and the game don’t open, the game install on playstore and give error but open anyway, I think it’s a problem with the game and Android 10 on Android 9 everything was working fine

Here is the advice I got on Instagram to this kind of problem.

I’m not sure about Android 10. My Huawei has also Android 10, but the game is running.
Just ask the WoA guys on Facebook or Instagram what you can do.