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How can I progress faster

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There will not be “speed up game speed” button if thats what you are asking for. It is online server based game so it shoild be not fair if one player uses speed boost while others dont.

We will introduce reset airport progress function in next update based in players feedback.

Another option is to purchase gold planes via market wnd selling them for ingame currency can help develop airport but that is option only (used by some players).


Hallo ich habe da mal eine Frage momentan spiele ich Prag airport. Alle normalen Slots s m l und x ausgebaut
Jetzt die Frage wie bekomme ich die anderen s slots voll sind momentan 5 immer offen.
Bedanke mich für eine Antwort

@Adronimus more slots of any type will increase arrivals “density” for the same size planes.

Leider gar nicht, da die eine Landebahn nicht mehr Verkehr in PRG zulässt. Die einzige Variante um alle S-Gates vollzustopfen wäre es sie mit eigenen Flugzeugen zuzuparken, macht aber leider auch nicht viel Sinn. Wenn Du mehr Verkehr willst, hilft nur die Übersiedlung nach Washington, wo es 2 Landebahnen gibt.

Is there any limitation of how many destinations a type can have for either design or technical reasons or will it be a possible to have e.g. 20 destinations for M-aircraft in the future? Sooner or later some of us will have such big fleets that we will hit a limit :blush:

On the Destination tab for owned planes some have a “little Star or airplane” in the corner? What is this?

Its a wrench icon that apears on FRA for example. It indicates the selected destination is a maintenance base. You will send your planes there when they reach the required mileage for maintenance.
Edit: keep in mind this could take a while for S and M planes. Ive been using mine since the update and have yet to send my first one to maintenance

Thank you

Such a shame you can’t speed the game up, I have 21 ramps at the moment at Prague and only 2 planes that are just loading passengers. I should have had more but the connection to the server went so all those planes on their way to the ramps went and the landing process started again.

If people don’t want to use a speed up function then that is their choice, I wouldn’t want to speed up arriving planes whilst I was getting the airport setup but now I do it is painfully slow at times.

I agree with

It is brutal but its just the way the game is. Not much that can be done about it. Regarding speeding up the game, i personally dont think its a solution to that problem and devs also stated that they wont implement it since it wouldnt be fair.

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Try to unlock Washington, it’s way more action there. :wink:

I think that you can improve PRG a bit by changing the speed and brake times of arriving aircraft on the runway before entering the taxiway (they’re braking on the runway pretty soon and roll slow). Also the timers for starting and arriving aircraft could be a bit reduced after an aircraft starts or leaves the runway. Hopefully NGO will have a better setting than PRG otherwise it will be the same boring airport.

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I completely agree with this

I was meaning to make a topic about this but realised it wound be to long to write and explain lol. They should also change aircraft exiting the runway. Since most of the time they exit on rapid exit taxiways they should use them as such,not slow down to taxi speed before them and roll out slowly.

Edit: also i noticed when aircrsft slowly line up for the runway, just before they start accelerating they stop completly for a sec, most likely to start the takeoff animation or some coding thing like that :grin:


Well, when I fly and what I see on television programms, i noticed that airplanes really do stop before going full throttle. I guess it has to do with revving up the engines before take-off.

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It is true that they do stop but not on all occasions. For example if the pilots are just doing a rolling takeoff on a long runway, or more often if they are given clearance for an immediate takeoff which as the name says means takeoff as fast as possible usually because other planes are on approach

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Can anyone tell me what happened to Seattle connection for the Mid range planes? Just noticed it’s gone?

Good question, I know it is used for maintenance.