General ideas

I have a few ideas that I beleive could work

Random special livery arrivals

With special arrival tab now showing up, could random arrivals of special aircraft become possible, it would bring diversity to the plane landing, and would make level only planes more used

Ready to line up/cross runway planes show up when hide taxiing aircraft is active

Speaks for itself

Varying deboarding/boarding

This could add a randomness to amount of handling time, somewhat like fuel, as no one plane carries the same amount of passengers each flight, you could have empty flights, and full flights, this could also help add 0 pax to/from maintenence and 0 pax from ordering


There would be no point of “Special” if special arrivals would arrive randomly.
All other ideas are fine…

Special as in special liveries, plus random would mean very random, no telling when one will arrive, so It would still be special

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Sorry but I dont agree to that idea

As nice as that would be, I’ve got to agree with @paru_69 on this. They would just become another arrival. However I do think there should be an option where we players could pay (money or gold planes) to unlock a premium arrival as a regular flight. Something like 1 to 4 gold planes per livery (based on aircraft category).


I just found this and want to add to this but chair

So with Japan Transocean Air in game, why not get their 734 as well, we already have their 738, though I wish they would add that to more destinations
Same with UT Air and their 738, we have the 734, where’s the 8
E170/175 liveries
FDA green, red, and blue liveries for the 170
Delta, American, United respectively to both
Among others, those are the two I really want to see


Oh yeah alaska as well

I actually agree with you.
If we had random special arrivals I think we would maybe stay longer on the game because there is a sense of suspens and something cool can come instead of the repetitiveness of this game sometimes. When I say random special arrivals, I don’t mean like the concord or something, but just if you have for example an Amsterdam route with a KLM B777 unlocked, you sometimes (rarely) get the KLM B777 orange special livery. And I think this would also be nice with all the new A380 for emirates, and to be surprised when the airplane lands to see the livery. I believe it would make people stay longer on the game, but maybe I’m wrong.
Also off topic, when the A340-300 comes in the next update, will the current liveries follow? Like SAS for example?

Yes there has already been a screenshot of all except Azerbaijan and virgin atlantic

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I understand paru_69’s point but @ukplanespotter757 suggestion to unlock special arrivals with gp would be a good compromise in my opinion.I understand that they are special arrivals but it’s a shame that the devs work hard to implement these liverys just so we can handle them 7 times a season or less.

Also I disagree with your 2nd point.I think the devs stated once that this feature rewards players who interact with their departing planes.The devs don’t show you a card for the helicopter at INN or Mr. Fu at NGO.It’s a strategy game after all and it’s not that much of a hassle to move your camera to the runway and tell a plane to line up or cross the runway.

But I totally agree with your third point to randomise the amount of pax that board/deboard the plane.I heard a new van for crew transfer will be added in the next update so maybe you could use these vans when buying or sending a plane to maintenance.

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