Get rid of the 'Handling' button toggle

I hate tapping the ‘handling’ button toggle on and off, on and off. Can you integrate these into the left side plane panel and show both the service status and run button together? Plane handling will be much smoother.

Thanks for allowing suggestions. Great game!

They already answered in a different topic that this will not happen because on smaller devices the buttons would be too small to hit. However, I would love to have the handling pane opened automatically when I click on a plane that actually needs handling right now. That way you would not have to click handling first.

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As a user of a small phone I do understand the concern. But I still feel that the handling panel and the service status panel can be combined cleverly. Overall design is very good so I don’t think it would be a challenge for them to make the change if they wanted to.

However I am sure they have a lot of other priorities but just wanted to put this out there.

Thanks for replying.