Golden Keys

I was trying to unlock Zurich as my destination with golden key. I had a balance of 6 golden keys. It took 4 keys as each time I press I lost a key. Then I ended up losing again another key and Zurich destination keeps buffering or turning in circle without being unlocked. I tried Paris and lost another key and gave me the same thing. I did waited for a while but took way too long without any result. I ended up unlocking Paris with 5000 W instantly. I hope I can get back the keys back that I lost, oh, It seems when I loaded the game again the keys are back to 6 Keys. And I am hesitant to use those keys again. This happened at BARI Airport.

Reset your game completely, and I mean full restart, the keys will return and you will unlock the destinations

Golden keys or silver keys?

Golden Keys, as I understand the golden ones unlock destination and the silver keys unlock the slot of airplanes whether arrival or departure to the specific destination. So in short it is the Golden Keys.

well I might do that, although the keys are back, but my problem is I cannt use them especially after the update I think. Thanks

It might be a network problem, check your network. If it is alright, then it might be a bug.

I am not sure. I will try reinstall the game and see if that would work. it might be after the update.

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I’ve used multiple and normally it doesn’t work if I have been playing after like an hour, cause ehn I take breaks it’s just a pause and not a shut down, I just restart the game and it returns, I unlock a destination and all is swell

I re-installed the game today and it worked normally now. I made just after the recent update. Thanks

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Hi. I have not received gold keys at NGO. My gameplay is to take all gold keys earned to the next airport. That worked until I got NGO first 2 keys no problem but now it owes me 4 more. I watched as I moved up a level which had gold key awarded and my gold key count did not increase. I restarted the game no resolution so I reinstalled the game and still shows 2 gold keys and not 6. I am playing on an iPad mini 4 with OS 12.4.1

Please reach out to the devs directly. Best way to get them is via their Facebook page or Instagram page