Good (and bad) news regarding A330-303

Few days ago I got an response from WOA team on Istagram regarding A330-303. They said that the Delta airlines livery can be seen in the next update.
But… only on the new Caribbean routes (Columbia). Still, it’s exciting.

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Deltas a american airline( as you probaly know) So shouldn’t there be som us destinations with the a333?

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No they said it will be on new Columbian routes.

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Why these routes? The DL A333 operates various different transatlantic routes, as well as US domestic flights.


Still can’t find it on any routes after 1.4.3. Same applies to the Ethiopian B738F.

So they lied to me…

It’s on an iad route, forgot where from

Found it :smiley:

Well it’s hidden away :joy: Hopefully it will be added on to more routes soon. Still leaves the Ethiopian B738F to be added.

still its funny that they spend time on developing it and then just add one route and one livery lmao. Like Avianca got the cargo version but it could just adapt both the A332 & A333 with the same livery lol