Graphic problems with new update

Since the last update 1.30.8 textures are lost. Happens on all airports in main view, flickering on and off until the whole game stops.
No textures visible in tower view or other views, only black aircrafts.
Makes no difference which graphic options I try.
Also I cant see any plane in the hanger, only the propellers of the dash8 are visible.
I have a new alcatel 3x (4gb ram, android 10, 30gb free internal memory), before last update everything was OK with this phone.
Please fix these annoying problems!
Thxs, Stefan

Must be something with yours graphic settings since I have no problem with textures loading

Thats not graphics settings, there’s a clear graphics glitch

Thank you for your answer, i think it’s a glitch, too. Happens only in Woa after the 1.30.8 update, every other app works fine :dizzy_face: