Hello,bug will automatically be send to devs after an explanation

Can someone tell me which of the 3 planes randomly dissapeared?I want to send this bug to Flyboys,however,i can’t remember which planes dissapeared.

Back then,the total amount of planes was 1088.

I think had that too

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Wait does that mean @Flyboys removed some of them or some of them are in just maybe a glitch

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@WOAFan Idk,a day or two after AN-12 update,those 3 planes(yes,the ones that were removed) suddenly weren’t there anymore,and now i’m trying to find them.

Hello!It’s the 2nd day of having this bug thread open(somehow)
I want this to be closed quickly after someone tells me which of the 3 planes(total amount of planes back then was 1088,for the total amount of planes now,look at the first post)have been removed.

Had made a list with the planes I didn’t had before the update.
When I look at it now I find 4 planes no longer in the woapedia:
321NX latam chile
734F cargo logic germany
77W ANA r2d2
789 Norwegian

Sorry for 4 missing planes although you asked for 3, maybe I missed something :slight_smile:

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Can confirm the count 1088, taken 20240614 22:54

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No worries.

Btw i send the screenshot at around 20.06.2024
@ukplanespotter757 Please close this as i don’t need it anymore.