Hello, connection question. Not player connection

I just finished Inn and will start playing BRI.

My question is about the connections you can buy.
I assume the “best” is to always and only spend in game money to unlock new destinations for each airport?

Also any plane I unlocked for INN is locked to INN so even if I unlock a plane in my hangar I need to purchase it for BRI?

Also what is the best tip to spend golden and sliver planes on?

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I would unlock all destinations close to the airport first. The most are in the balkan region, Greece and North Africa.
The planes you unlocked in INN are also unlocked in BRI. It’s not necessary to unlock others. Probably some you like to have later but for me BRI was just an intermidiate stop before you go to PRG. Nonetheless it’s a nice airport to play with the first L planes coming in.

It depends what your goal is and how often you play.

At the beginning, you’re probably trying to make money, so unlock 1 destination near your airport. Choose something with at least 3-4 departure slots and at least 2-3 arrival slots. Don’t pay money to unlock slots; just earn them by handling planes. After you have unlocked all the departure slots for those destinations, and you have more planes than available departure slots, unlock another destination.

You can make the most money when you fly to the closest destinations and play frequently. But if you only play once or twice a day, or less, use destinations that are a little farther away, so you get more money per flight. Also, send planes to a distant destination before you quit at the end of the day.

Once you’ve made a lot of money, fly your planes to the farthest destinations so you can reach their final maintenance and sell them for sliver planes.

On the other hand, if you just want to look at the planes you think are interesting, unlock whatever you want and enjoy!

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