High rate of arrivals

Washington Airport:

I have 65 aircrafts due for arrival and my airport always look empty. Is there a way to increase the speed of the arrivals to fill the gates faster?

At this point and time no there is not, hopefully in the future

Don’t allow 65 aircrafts to enter, I know it will give money but slow it down. My E190 at IAD landed 2 months later after I assigned it. Stop it with your own 4 planes and bring in less normal planes.

This doesn’t work with the new feature

Doesn’t our own planes stay in landing permission forever?


If you have a certain amount of L/XL- or Cargo-planes you can use a glitch by filling up all stands and don’t let them start. This way you can fill up all 4 arriving slots and wait until your queue gets smaller.

My queue gets smaller automatically because L/XL-planes have a priority in landing and each day I start playing they are creating this.

P.S. Still there needs to be an option of having faster runways & taxiways

Here’s a perfect example of getting bored (6 stands in use at IAD) while having a backlog of 50+ planes waiting for landing. I think you can handle a Dash8 faster than the time it needs to reach the taxiway when 2 of them land after each other :zzz:

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Just unlocked Washington the other day and already airport looking deserted with 40+ arrivals backed up. Haven’t been using arrivals boost as no point, as still increases without it.

Is vital we need a fix for this. Ideally, either speed up the runway exit of aircraft (all using rapid exits so makes sense), or add 19R for arrivals so can keep balance of arrivals and departures, otherwise is crazy hopeless!

Currently, the more gates I add, the fewer aircraft there are on the ground - surely that’s not we should be aiming for here?

Here’s what I do for backed up arrivals:

  • Anytime you have more than 4 planes waiting in the air, hold arrivals until they all land.
  • If you have a back-up and the hold button is still recharging, let your holding slots fill up and don’t accept planes until the runway is free. This is easier when you have fewer holding slots (I just have two holding slots unlocked at my bigger airports).
  • Always hold arrivals before exiting the airport. Try to have only one plane arriving when you exit. If you exit accidentally, hold arrivals when you resume.

What I find really annoying, especially at the airports with long taxiing times, is when the game crashes and all taxiing progress is lost. That can cost sooo much time.

I wonder if it was ever considered to change the game such that all planes’ positions are saved once a plane leaves the runway. Like the progress is saved if a plane is at the gate and you leave the airport.
But maybe that would involve too much of a change to the whole programming.

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Or alternatively, any planes on ground (eg runway or taxiing) are on stand when a crashed game re loads.
Like you, not sure if that would even be possible!