How do you only get 1 type of plane to land?

So I have seen a couple of posts where they only land for example the emirates a380 at iad on all X stands or all antonov planes on X cargo. How do i do this for myself? I already blocked all planes on S M L and X besides on 1 destination i kept 1 plane unblocked but i get that there are no arrivals. anything i need to do differently? thanks :slight_smile:

That was a bug which seemed beautiful. The developers have removed that bug so it is not possible now…

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oh oke thanks for letting me know

But it is still in the game as far as I know.

After I have updated btw.

@Jonnie2604, As a tip, make sure all of your unlocked arrivals are turned off, before turning on the one and only arrival you want.

This thing still works, I tried after 1.5.0

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Yup, the bug still works. I’m using it to grind on LEJ.

This bug will probably be fixed when the contracts system gets released.

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That would make a lot of sense

oh oke yeah i think i did that but i will try again thanks :slight_smile:

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Good thing for testing purpose.

Does it still work?

No, they patched it already. So it wouldn’t work anymore.

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