How many plane can do maintenance in a day

I am kind of new to that game and just reached my maintenance A for a couple of my planes. I sent 3 to maintenance and just had a 4th come do for maintenance A. I have clicked to send it to maintenance but that option is not available. I am at Washington Airport and have a large fleet of E190 and E170. I am trying to sell them for goldies however if I can only maintenance 3 planes I am unsure what the point is.


please check that you have enough departure slots (2.) in maintenance destinations (these destinations are marked with a special symbol (1.)).:wink:

That would help do you know how long it takes to have a plane go through maintenance A?

I’m not sure now, but I think it takes around 5 hours. (Do you mean maintenance time, not time that you need to get to level A?) :sweat_smile:

Also with me having everything at Washington is it really worth going to the next airport just wondering what benefit I would get going to the text airport? I mean I basically start all over from scratch no fleet or anything.

The next airport is another opportunity, more L and x gates, different airlines, that’s what I like about ngo and other airports, I’d the different airlines/aircraft, and you can always build your fleet at diff airports, it helps profits and it helps with connections

Loo also how do I get the goldies for PRG player connection and stuff I played PRG and didn’t get any so I’m kind of like what do I do to get these.