How much do you earn with the E190? (fleet)

I am grinding for the E190 achievement and do you think that it is worth it

Definetly yes. E190 is one of the most profitable M planes. If you gring for SP E190 is the one of the best M planes or best. In case of grinding for Wollars the best ways is to do with B734F.

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Im grinding for the achievement

It is worth it. As i have written above the E190 is one of the best M planes.

Ok thanks for the advice :+1:

I wonder that it’s a M plane. As big as the B462 and no catering and water. I wonder how the passengers survive a flight from IAD to NGO.

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It’s a full first class that has infinite food sources with no end, it’s a multi dimension item, tons of explinations


:joy::joy::joy: okay, then it makes sense