How to arrange take off traffic, 1:1 or 1:3 in Inn & BRI?

I have headache and tired this game :joy::joy: but actually fun playing this game. Too long collect 4Millions or 5 million to purchase airplanes and collect golden airplanes… thank you for your time and attention… have a nice flight…:indonesia:

Press the button? And if you tired, then stop

Can’t say. I only play those airports enough to get my owned planes through, then I move on to the next airport until I get to Washington which is the current airport I’m progressing.

You can go to main menu and back in to remove all take off aircraft. Otherwise, outgoing player aircraft and all incoming aircraft are top priority.

I usually set it to 2:1, but try to manually line up outgoing planes with the button to save time.

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Hi, i know the problem here. 1st of all let ur incoming aircraft card be seen when aircraft is in slot only n after its services let its card be gone. 2nd- keep traffic 1:1 but rush up the arrivals every now and then. Keep the aircraft rush icon highlighted to blue for seconds, then again switch it off. After a min or so repeat.