How to reject flights from other player?

I recently notice that my airport has received a lots of flight from other player, and most flight has quite strict service time compare with normal airliners. So is there anyway i can reject those flight?

Don’t accept those flights. They will automatically reject when the timer goes off.

The only problem with that is the gate assigning thing though…

When the times ends for me they stay there and wait for a avilible stand, if theres a stand they go to a random one, for me tho

@Rito that’s not possible to do now because airplanes that ran out of time automatically assigned themselves to a stand that is available. It’s impossible to reject all airplanes now.

Or wait for a gate

yeah, same thing happen for me.

I think it got updated to be like that

If there is no way to reject a flight now, can we ask the developer to add a function for that?

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You can if you want, would be a nice feture tho, maybe a button that can cancle them

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Oh, I just remembered. So there’s no way we could reject?

Not at the moment no

What has happened with me, is

when I ignore the other player plane,
get out of the game,
wait for the timer to expire,

the other player plane is no longer there… (been reassigned)

I enjoy doing the service for other players planes, but sometimes, it is at the end of working the cycle for my own planes, and I do not have time to play anymore. Having an option to insert other player planes randomly while servicing my own planes would be interesting to me.

An arrival density would be ideal, or seeing if a player aircraft has been assigned to us prior to arrival (potentially a feature where we select which one, and rejected ones return to the owner or go to another player).

this would be really cool, or at least if we reject handling those planes it would be cool if they wouldn’t be assigned to random gates. this whole assignment to random gates after time outs sucks in general. often i keep a gate open at smaller airports for large planes of connection partners and then suddenly an A380 appears. it’s a pain to handle those planes because it takes ages and then the plane of the connection partner is timed out.

time out means rejection for me since there is no other way of rejecting arrivals in WoA

Better to have some more advance game mechanic’s (not only connection) that encourage to handle player’s plane, but for now it’s mostly waste of precios time.