How to run game at same time

How to run game at same time on two devices
With same I’d

Any suggestions??

I think it’s not possible to play multiple airports at the same time on the same acc. People who managed this complained that their progress wasn’t saved properly.
But my info is outdated so I don’t know if it still holds up

Not possible with one account. If you sign in on one it will kick you out of the other. Or show a security issue.

Pl share any way to do that… BCS I wan to play it both devices

You know why
BCS it’s kinda of boring

again, cannot be done., developer will not allow multiple access at the same time to prevent cheating. While I hate to say this, as I love this game, this game is also not for everyone. It is not designed to be fast paced, it’s designed to be a long term build up approach.

If you don’t like that and find it boring, then maybe this game is not for you.