I have a few questions about the December festival

I have a few questions about the December festival.

  1. Do we have to put our in game name or real name while joining at Instagram?

  2. Can we post any type of photos instead of just weather photos?

Please answer them if you can.
Thank you

For any of the WoA Competitions, you do not have to mention your IGN or Real Name, if you win, they will contact you for your IGN with a Instagram DM.

The Topics are wide, for example you can take a pic of a Plane Taking off in in a dark cloudy night or at sunrise… or just the airport at work or the runaway, Any ingame picture with the weather in it is allowed! You can always DM WoA just to make sure

OK. Thank you very much.

you canhave a look at my instagram pics and you would understand it better

Ok. Thank you. Same name in Instagram?

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Yeah, I didn’t know that was your YouTube channel before seeing your card. I had already subscribed.