I have a few questions regarding the new screen layout from the latest update

  1. What is the ‘Player Arrivals’ for?

  2. What is the use of runway priority?

Also, just a statement in my opinion, that this new layout, I feel, is a bit confusing and less simplistic compared to the previous version, with all these new placements and icons on screen. Then again, I just wanted to say this not to cause a controversy, but to just share my opinion on the update.

Player arrivals: You’ll see what flights of your own fleet come in next to your airport.
Runway priority: When outgoing flights build a traffic jam in your airport, you can set this to more outgoing flights.
These ratio with avoiding taxi to gate and taxi to runway is in queue.
3:1 = 3 arrivals with 1 depart
2:1 = 2 arrivals with 1 depart
1:1 = 1 arrival with 1 depart
1:2 = 1 arrival with 2 departs
1:3 = 1 arrival with 3 departs
It’s available only on single runway airport.


Thx for that!

Do runways change now based upon METAR activity?

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I think we would be informed about it. I guess it is preparation for future updates.

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Look forward to it’s introduction! Glad that weather has been implemented. With snow being possible, I wonder if we will get de-icers soon.

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Slight change: the player arrivals not only shows your fleet but your connection partners fleet too. Like the website radar does now.


Yes, that it great thing as I have never used radar before :innocent:

Busy times. Most of questions already answered.
Change log posted.
Weather is updated every 1h based on Real METAR’s from those airports.
Its in fact runway landing/take off-s priority for single runway airport (maybe more clear that way).

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Then my PRG will be 20:10 :laughing: :laughing:

On mine IAD has been 19c since the update, I think it’s about 5c there right now