I’ve got banned from WOA

Yesterday I was playing woa on my iPad Pro as normal. I remembered shortly after that I had to go out with some friends in the afternoon so I downloaded the game on my cell phone to play away from home, once I was there I played for a few minutes and then closed the game. In the evening, once at home I played again on my iPad, but 4 minutes later the game closes suddenly and after opening the game again I get a notice that for security reasons my account is deactivated and will not let me enter more, could you help me with this?

First just do what the message says.
Second, when you play the same account on different devices, look if you shut down the game on both devices and start again on one of them.

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This isn’t a ban… but as @SomeGuy98345 says, please do what it says. email is worldofairportsgame@gmail.com


I have emailed them twice, but have not received a reply. Thanks anyway, I hope they let me log in to my account again.

It’s better to reach out to them on FB or IG since they’re more active there.

I’m back to the game again, thank you all !